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Maximize Test Coverage

Go beyond combinatorial and pairwise testing and cover 100% of requirements in the smallest number of tests.


Reverse Engineer Requirements

Define your software requirements using Agile Designer™ and present them in a visual and active flow chart.


Manage Changing Requirements

Significantly reduce the amount of time software testers spend manually repairing existing test cases when a change is made.


Estimate Software Development Costs

Prevent scope by accurately estimate the cost of new software development and changes to existing systems.


Optimize Software Tests

Optimize software tests and clean up your existing test cases, reducing your current test cycles by more than 30%.


Find and Make Test Data

Reduce the time needed to find and make test data by up to 95%. Link the right data to test cases and expected results.

Arno Van De Velde
Test Coordinator, ASR

Minne Prins
Programme Manager, ASR

Wayne Ariola
CSO, Parasoft

I am usually a rather skeptical person, especially when it comes to sales people selling their products. It's in the nature of a good tester to have this skepticism. I'd say this is the first tool and company that actually made me believe that what is being offered, actually isn't too good to be true.

Agile Designer™ enables mind shifting agility to our system development and it is becoming one of the most important tools to make requirement development more tangible and understandable for the business.

Grid-Tools Agile Designer exposes the path to success. It defines the optimal set of test cases to achieve your single most important objective—eliminate business risks associated with application failure.

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Agile Designer™, the logic tool that helps testing and project teams storyboard requirements into an active flow chart, can now import requirements into USoft’s URequire Studio, boosting the ability of teams to create fit for purpose requirements.

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Know exactly what test data you need in seconds with Data Visualization

It is still de rigueur to use masked production data in testing and development environments. In reality, however, this data is rarely ‘fit for purpose’, when viewed properly. It tends to be high in volume, but with little variance, and so typically provides just 10-20% functional coverage, in spite of […]

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Join Grid-Tools at the 45th Test Management Forum on the 28th January 2015. Llyr Jones, Senior Programmer, will be speaking at the event on the topics in his latest ebook ‘A Critique of Testing’. The event will be held at the conference centre at Balls’s Brothers, Minster Pavement, London. The quarterly meetings […]

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